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Mechanical engineering for plastics processing.

Unique. Digital. Electric.








Customer Care.

Vision drives Innovation.

Innovation drives Value. Value drives Success.


"Ideas are the beginning of all success. But without vision, no ideas are born."

(Bengt Schmidt, CEO)

Innovations that ensure your success. Let us inspire you.

We see ideas as a chance to create something new, to change something, to make something better.
For you. For our customers. For owner-managed and medium-sized companies in the plastics industry.


We support you in your production processes. Not only with our specialized application technology and our service, but also with new solutions. Digital. Electric. With a business model that is unique for the plastics industry. A business model that is based on 2 pillars: a distributor with its own mechanical engineering.


As a distributor, we offer you branded products of the Tederic 'NEO series' as well as services of up-to-date injection moulding technology. At the same time, we are pursuing the ambitious goal of developing a new and unique injection moulding machine for the plastics industry, which will be the most powerful machine on the market for a specific application. You can follow us with this project and we will keep you updated on milestones that have been achieved.


Who we are? A powerful and experienced team of experts from the international plastics industry.

Tederic ‚Neo series‘

  • As entrepreneurs and decision-makers,

    you are well familiar with the trends in the plastics industry. Circular economy, Industry 4.0 and digitization are the current buzzwords.

  • Of particular importance for plastics processing companies

    is also the fact that the duration of product life cycles is declining. Accordingly, the demand for cost-effective production solutions to produce a valuable end product on a stable running machine and with an application-specific process is increasing.

  • With Tederic we have gained a partner,

    which, with its 'NEO series', focuses on the right performance characteristics for numerous injection moulding applications: Flexible, functional and with simple operator guidance. All this at low cost, rugged and reliable. True to the motto: "Smart Injection".


Customer Care

A part of our corporate culture

It is definitely clear for us that our commitment does not end with the machine sale. Should your machine need to be serviced:
We are there for you. Non-bureaucratic. Fast. Reliable.

With our 800sqm application center, you also receive application technology support, from process engineering to machine optimization on site. Because our team is qualified and experienced. Our experts know almost all production, application and control processes inside out.

With us, the customer is the center of attention! Your personal contact listens carefully in order to understand your needs. In consultation with our experts, he defines the right solution for you and takes action to prevent downtime in your production. He will provide you with tailor-made advice to ensure your economic success.


The Hurricane. Our own product.

We are developing something awesome for you!

When we talk about high performance in plastics production, we also have to talk about electric machines. Especially if we think and act in a sustainable way. But despite numerous good Industry 4.0 approaches in many processes, mechanical engineering in the plastics industry is definitely still stuck in the analog world. We want to grease this wheel and increase the speed of transformation in plastics production.

Our ambitious goal is to develop a new injection moulding machine series. With smart ideas and innovations from the country where polymerization was invented and on an Asian cost basis. The 'Hurricane' will be the most powerful machine on the market for a specific application. A machine that allows you to manage the production of plastic products digitally, efficiently and smart.

We will keep you updated about our innovation. An innovation designed to create value for you. Sustainable.

About PlastiVation

  • PlastiVation Machinery GmbH is backed

    by a powerful and experienced team of experts from the international plastics industry.

  • We have a clear focus

    on full-electric machines and digitization. Without analog past. Efficient, reliable as well as process and cost optimized.

  • We offer products for efficient processes,

    both investment-friendly machines and, in the future, an innovative, digital and fully electric machine. Machines that inspire.

  • Founder and managing director is Bengt Schmidt,

    a recognized and passionate industry expert and entrepreneur.

Our team is growing.

Bengt Schmidt

Bengt Schmidt


"Our vision: to make plastics production digital and full-electric with a unique business model."

CEO PlastiVation Machinery GmbH

Bengt Schmidt has held numerous management positions over more than 20 years with an international industry and technology leader in the plastics and rubber industry. With his expertise, he was and is a recognized and reliable contact for customers in numerous industries, including automotive, packaging, logistics and medical. More about Bengt Schmidt here. 

We have a team of experienced experts from the plastics industry.

Our key values are: reliable, courageous, valuable.

Daniel Ammer

Vice President R & D

Dr. Daniel Ammer
13 years in the plastics industry.
Head of development for several injection moulding machine series. Specialist in innovative product and technology development

What excites me about PlastiVation?

Our customers need stable running machines on which they can produce valuable end products in application-specific processes. I want to help further increase our customers' business success through innovative and high-quality production solutions.

Wolfgang Ballas

Vice President Customer Care

Wolfgang Ballas
35 years in the plastics industry.
Management of more than 1,700 service projects.
Specialist for technical service, including maintenance, repair and servicing

What excites me about PlastiVation?

Being available for my customers personally and bringing my successful philosophy to life: "Our customers can count on us. We deliver what we promise."

Rüdiger Schulze

VP Finance/Advisory Board

Rüdiger Schulze
16 years of management consulting.
International cross-industry project experience (focus on finance & controlling, digitalization and development of new business models)

What excites me about PlastiVation?

Digitization is a driver and opportunity for new business models. Mechanical engineering is also being subjected to this disruption: From new customer requirements and financing models, changed development cycles and supply chains, to the digitization of internal processes. I would like to actively accompany this change in the industry with my know-how.

Dejan Hense

Head of application management

Dejan Hense
21 years in the plastics industry.
Specialist for injection moulding machine as well as applications and processes

What excites me about PlastiVation?

It is important to me to actively support our customers throughout the entire period of the collaboration. Starting with the selection of the right injection moulding machine for their applications, but also with the optimization of the injection moulding processes and with the help of our services. Furthermore, I am pleased to be actively involved in the development of a modern and efficient injection moulding machine.

Christian Birzer

Senior Director Digitalization & Processes

Christian Birzer
14 years in the plastics industry
International sales of capital goods with passion for innovation and digitalization

What excites me about PlastiVation?

Due to many years of experience in the international industrial market, I know the requirements, wishes, and needs of plastics processors. Based on PlastiVation's innovative and future-focused direction, I want to create added value for our customers with digital solutions and optimized processes.

Peter Zimmermann

Project Planning Manager

Peter Zimmermann 
30 years in the metal and plastics industry 
Specialist in project planning of injection molding systems to achieve production advantages and customer added value

What excites me about PlastiVation?

To actively lead a company without an analog past and open to digitalization into a successful future: Convincing customers of Tederic's high-performance and modern injection molding machines, developing our own injection molding machine series with the Hurricane, and bringing to life the unique business model of a sales agency with its own machine construction. I am convinced that with this constellation a solution with maximum added value for customers will always be found!

Stefan Wein

Area Sales Manager

Stephan Wein
37 years in mechanical engineering and plastics industry
Specialist in customer service for capital goods requiring explanation (national and international)

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I am familiar with Tederic injection molding machines. They are excellent for producing valuable end products with a cost-effective and standardized production solution. PlastiVation combines excellent know-how in injection molding technology with innovative product and manufacturing expertise from Tederic. I would like to sustainably inspire customers and interested parties of the added value of this strong combination for their production. 

Tino Klöpfer

Area Sales Manager

Tino Klöpfer
5 years automotive and plastics industry.
Specialist in technical customer service and project management

What excites me about PlastiVation?

PlastiVation's electrical and digital solutions create added value. I look forward to advising our customers personally, qualified and reliably regarding their individual requirements.

Tim Klaus

Area Sales Manager

Tim Klaus
6 years automotive industry.
Specialist in customer service, project management and development

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I look forward to building and developing personal customer relationships based on our innovative business model. I would like to convince my customers of the added value of our unique solutions in the long term.

Marco Schönekäß

Area Sales Manager

Marco Schönekäß
21 years in the plastics industry
Specialist in technical customer service, project management and product development 

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I would like to successfully contribute to the establishment of the company on a greenfield site and without analogous past and legacy issues. In particular, it excites me to use my expertise to show plastics processors new ways and to develop the best solution for my customers so that they can continue to develop in their markets. In order to achieve this goal, I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and do some heavy lifting together with a motivated team which is personally available for their customers.

Viktor Wesch

Area Sales Manager

Viktor Wesch
12 years in the plastics industry
Specialist in technical customer service and project management

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I want to convince my customers of the technical performance of the Tederic NEO series and help them to remain competitive in their market with cost-optimized plastics solutions. Since "nothing is more constant than change", it is my concern to build and develop strong and long-term stable partnerships. With its high-performance injection moulding machines and focus on customer care and digitalization, PlastiVation offers plastics processors in Germany what I consider to be the perfect combination to successfully shape the rapid changes in their markets and industries.

Joachim Gerber

Area Sales Manager

Joachim Gerber
32 years in the plastics industry
Specialist in technical and business consulting for customers

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I would like to actively support the development of the business model, because a new path is being taken in the plastics industry: a sales agency with its own machine construction. The portfolio of powerful and economically attractive Tederic 'NEO series' injection moulding machines is impressive; service is a top priority and personal customer support is the focus of the experienced and motivated team. I would like to personally pass on this added value to our customers and help them to be and remain competitive today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Martin Biberger

Lead Engineer Electrics and Machine Safety

Martin Biberger
23 years in the plastics industry, mechanical engineering
Specialist for electrical equipment of machines and machine safety

What excites me about PlastiVation?

The opportunity to work in an agile, highly motivated and competent team to develop a technically modern injection molding machine that offers customers high added value in all process and production steps. Considering my long-standing experience within the field of electrical equipment of plastics machines I am sure I can contribute to the success of the Hurricane.

Christian Wukonig

Manager Product Architecture and Engineering Systems

Christian Wukonig
13 years in the plastics industry
Specialist for innovative product development as well as digital transformation

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I want to be a pioneer in innovative and future-focused product solutions - and contribute my extensive experience in all aspects of digitization. For our customers, for our team, for our company. This is how we can carry out greater added value for our customers, their applications and their processes. I also want to set new standards in the development of our Hurricane injection molding machine series.

Philipp Strasser

Director Finance
& Administration

Philipp Strasser
7 years in the plastics industry
Specialist for finance and efficient processes

What excites me about PlastiVation?

I see it as a great opportunity to rethink mechanical engineering in plastics processing with active experts and to generate added value for customers with innovative ideas. An important key to success for us, our partners and our customers is a lean organization, digital processes and a passionate team.

We are currently preparing the machine sale. Feel free to contact us if you have a need.

Are you an open-minded mechanical engineer looking for a new challenge in an innovative and digital working environment?

Then contact us and convince us.

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