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MBSE: Maximum transparency throughout the development process

“From zero to the modern injection molding machine series. Our MSBE Journey with TwoPillars.” This was the title of our presentation at the TwoPillars Lounge in Paderborn which took place on the eve of the ‘System Engineering Day’.

Efficiency in development work

Daniel and Christian’s presentation focused not only on our experience with the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) software of our partner TwoPillars, but especially on our idea for the development of the Hurricane, our own injection molding machine line. Supported by the iQuavis tool, we consistently apply the MBSE method, as this allows us maximum transparency throughout the entire development process. We so create a common system model and thus a common product architecture across all disciplines. This ultimately increases the efficiency of our development work.


Networking at the user meeting

The intensive exchange with other experts from the DACH region at the previous user meeting was also important for us. Among other things, this covered the topics of variant and complexity management and the integration of iQuavis into the ‘engineering tool chain’. It became clear that with PlastiVation we are already on a very good tcourse in the implementation of the MBSE approach, and in some parts we may even be “ahead of the game”. In addition to the consistently positive feedback, we will take with us the newly established contacts to other users and will continue to pursue these intensively, as well as the MBSE methodology. We would like to thank our partner and host TwoPillars GmbH for the invitation and support provided so far.


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