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Product-Lifecycle-Management as „Single Source of Truth“

To ensure transparency as well as to anchor a partially automated data management, our development team has already opted for a “single source of truth” at a very early stage of the engineering process of the Hurricane. With the help of product lifecycle management (PLM) as the core of the development project, time and cost benefits are to be used, productivity and efficiency increased, and stable process flows ensured, for example with our industrialization partner Tederic.

Injection molding machines are multi-purpose products. Depending on the application scenario, the parts lists, the configuration of the machines as well as internal workflows, assembly and service processes change. Accordingly, a high degree of transparency is important. “We wanted a single source of truth that would also manage data for our engineers. Injection molding machines are multi-purpose products. For reasons of transparency and overview, we must always be able to understand how a particular machine manufactured for a customer is configured and which components and variants have been installed – from engineering to assembly to service,” explains Christian Wukonig, Manager Product Architecture and Engineering Systems at PlastiVation.

Accordingly, with the support of valantic PLM’s experts, options for action were explored that would add the most value in terms of the requirements, feasibility and practicability of the Hurricane’s development process.

Implementation of the PLM tools and processes is in full swing and we are excited to develop the Hurricane from scratch in this environment.

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