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Tederic 'NEO series' injection molding machines.
Reliable and economically attractive.



Would you like to strengthen your market position?
We focus on the best solution for you.



Do you pay attention to a stable value chain?
Increase your productivity with our production solution.



Do you produce valuable products for your customers?
Our injection molding machines are powerful.



Would you like to optimize your production and avoid downtime?
We live 'Customer Care' and deal with your issues.

Economical production solutions.
For plastics processors.

The duration of product life cycles is declining. Accordingly, the demand for cost-effective production solutions to produce a valuable end product on a stable running machine and with an application-specific process is increasing.

Advantages of the Tederic 'NEO series' for your applications:

High flexibility and high functionality

High process stability and high reliability

High usability and simple operator guidance

High efficiency and high availability

Your personal contact listens carefully in order to understand your requirements. In line with our experts, he defines a reliable and efficient production solution for you. He will provide you with tailor-made advice to ensure your economic success.

Our production solutions offer numerous advantages:

High-performance injection molding machine from 4 series (drive system electric, all-electric and hydraulic)

Professional machine control, type KEBA in standard (screen sizes 12 or 15 inch)

Convenient standard equipment for a wide range of applications and compliance with existing standards (including CE conformity; Euromap)

Application-specific support, project planning and service

Tederic Machinery Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou in 2003. Since that time, the company has become one of the top three Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers. The 'NEO series' with its four lines was developed with an international team of experts and was launched worldwide in 2021. The four series can be used to manufacture valuable products, including those in the automotive, packaging, medical, logistics, and construction industries, as well as for household appliances and consumer goods. The Tederic Linear Robot TLR makes injection molding automation economically attractive and easy.

Tederic ‚NEO series‘.

NEO·E: Powerful electric
toggle injection molding machine



Clamping force
60 t - 1.400 t
Screw diameter
20 mm - 120 mm
Shot weight
6 g - 6.104 g
Clamping force NEO∙H:
Clamping force sizes of the 2nd generation


NEO·H: Modern hydromechanical
two platen injection molding machine



Clamping force
550 t - 5.500 t

Screw diameter
75 mm - 260 mm

Shot weight
331 g - 61.794 g
Clamping force NEO∙H:
Clamping force sizes of the 2nd generation

NEO·M: Multi-component injection molding machines
based on the NEO·H



Clamping force
880 t - 3.520 t
Screw diameter
45 mm - 120 mm
Shot weight
72 g - 7.087 g


Clamping force
1.120 t - 1.920 t
Screw diameter
50 mm - 120 mm
Shot weight
98 g - 9.968 g

NEO·T: Cost-efficient hydraulic
toggle injection molding machine



Clamping force
90 t - 1.050 t

Screw diameter
35 mm - 120 mm

Shot weight (HP)
35 g - 2.582 g

Linear robot TLR: Injection molding automation
economically attractive and made easy



Loading capacity
3 kg - 50 kg
Conveyor belts
Up to 6 m lenght und 1,2 m width
Safety enclosures
CE compliant

Why PlastiVation?
We are there for you. Personally.

We are a strong team of experts with a combined experience of over 350 years in the plastics industry. With Tederic, we have gained a partner who, with its 'NEO series', offers the right performance features for numerous injection molding applications as well as trends such as the circular economy, industry 4.0 and digitalization.

We are personally there for you. Strengthen your market position as an owner-managed and medium-sized plastics processor. Keep your value chain stable. Produce valuable end products for your customers. Optimize your production and avoid downtime.

Your investment. Your bonus.

The profitability of your investment is our top priority. However, we do not only provide you with competent support on the selection of state-of-the-art and high-performance injection molding machines.

Starting with the project planning of your injection molding cell, we already have your complete production environment in mind and take its requirements into account.

With our 360° approach, we go beyond the mere selection of an injection molding machine. According to your needs, our focus is also on automation, the right peripherals, the digital ecosystem, and intralogistics as well as the exact integration into your production.

Our project management ensures the smooth introduction and integration of your new injection molding system into your production environment.

Our services in the areas of project planning and project management for your sustainable production advantage:

Project planning and project management

Customized machine equipment

Automation solutions (robots)

Peripherals and accessories (e.g. temperature control units, material supply)

Planning of the injection molding system according to your requirements

Smooth integration of the injection molding systems into your production

Your contact person for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Qualified and committed.

Thomas Strecker

Thomas Strecker

30 years plastics industry
What drives me: "Actively providing the most economical production solution for customers supported by a solid service package."

Marco Schönekäß

Marco Schönekäß

21 years in the plastics industry.
What drives me: "To create the best solution for my customers so that they advance in their markets".

Stefan Wein

Stephan Wein

37 years mechanical engineering and plastics industry
What drives me: "Convincing customers and interested parties of the added value of the Tederic 'NEO series' for their production in the long term."

Michael Friedl

Michael Friedl

20 years in the plastics industry
What drives me: "Designing the right concept for our customers' injection molding process and implementing it together with them."

Andreas Bexte

Andreas Bexte

36years in the plastics industry
What drives me: "Delivering clients the most efficient production solutions for sustained success, while actively collaborating to sculpt their future using state-of-the-art technology."

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