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Customer Care. We live and breathe it.

Our commitment does not end with the sales.
We are personally there for you!

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Customer Care. We live and breathe it.

Our commitment does not end with the sales.
We are personally there for you!

Contact us. We will support you.

Our services for you: straightforward, fast, and reliable!



Your personal contact person is available for you at any time.



He listens carefully to understand your needs.



He advises custom-fit so that you are economically successful.



He coordinates with our experts to define the best possible solution for you.


Looking ahead

He acts preventively so that planned maintenance increases your added value.



He acts energetically to safeguard zero downtime production.

Your bonus. We handle your issues.

Our experts know almost all production, application, and control processes inside out. They are happy to be daily in action for you and provide support in person, by phone or online.

Application engineering support

Selection of the appropriate machine in terms of clamping force, plasticizing unit and process

Process optimization of existing manufacturing processes

Process data analysis on existing systems

Customer tests in our application center

Education and training on process stability and machine operation

Online support for application-related problems with EasyNet

Estimation of the energy consumption of injection molding machines

Service and customer support

Support throughout the entire machine life cycle

Installation of injection molding machines and production lines

Unloading and bringing in injection molding machines

Assembly, start-up, instruction and proper handover of injection molding machines

Repair, maintenance and spare parts supply in cooperation with our partners

Instruction and training as well as individual and requirement focused additional education of your team members.

Retrofitting to meet changing requirements

Online service with our service tool ServiceNet


Our offer. Powerful.

Play it safe. Take advantage of our powerful service packages.

Easy Care

As part of this basic inspection, your injection molding machine is visually inspected, and a safety check is performed. The machine state is documented based on an inspection report and further measures are discussed with you.

Process Care

Together with our experts and your process engineers, we analyze your injection molding machines and your process data. We show you optimization possibilities and initiate further measures if so requested.

Energy Care

Use our individual energy check and reduce your energy costs. For example, with the original insulation sleeves from PlastiVation. You not only save heating energy sustainably, but also extend the service life of the heating system.

Inspektions Care

Based on the Easy Check, we offer comprehensive inspections and maintenance of your injection molding machines and linear robots. This work can be specially adapted to your requirements. You are welcome to bring in your own services through your maintenance experts.

Our technical center. Your benefit.

With our 800m² application center, you also receive application technology support, from process engineering to machine optimization on site.

Equipment of our technical center:

Injection moulding machines from the Tederic 'NEO series' with various clamp and injection sizes

Plasticizing for various applications

Peripheral devices

We offer customer tests as well as mold sampling and are happy to support you in optimizing your injection molding processes.


Our experts look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to use the contact form for this purpose, call us to make an appointment
or email us your requirements.

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