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PlastiVation sets important course and looks to 2024 with confidence

(Munich, 28 November, 2023) PlastiVation Machinery GmbH set an important course in customer management in the fourth quarter of 2023 and is looking ahead to 2024 with confidence. From January 2024, a digital offer management will be used across the board in the sales regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Key account management for internationally operating customers was also successfully implemented. The significantly increased customer acceptance and improved market penetration of the Tederic ‘NEO series’ is to be further accelerated with the second generation of the four economically attractive injection molding machine lines.

Digital offer management: added value for customers

“I am very satisfied with our development this year, as we have made very good progress with market penetration in the area two years after the sales launch of the Tederic ‘NEO series’. We have achieved our goal of placing a high double-digit number of machines in our sales territories by the end of 2023. I am particularly pleased that our customers include market-leaders and well-known plastics processors,” says Bengt Schmidt, founder and CEO of PlastiVation Machinery GmbH. Um den Mehrwert für Kunden zu steigern und die Bearbeitungszeiten für Angebote zu reduzieren, hat das Unternehmen im vierten Quartal die Beta-Testphase im eigenentwickelten Angebots-Konfigurator durchlaufen. “With digital quotation management, we are able to create a comprehensive quotation digitally at the touch of a button within a few minutes after defining all the requirements and specifications of the plastics processors,” says Schmidt. The plan is to roll out the system across the sales territories of Germany, Austria and Switzerland from January 2024 and to make the quotation process more efficient and, above all, significantly shorten it. “We are also taking on an international pioneering role for Tederic, as digital quotation management is gradually being implemented at all Tederic subsidiaries,” says Schmidt.

Key account management and technology upgrade of the Tederic ‘NEO series’

Furthermore, the improved market penetration and the significantly increased popularity of the Tederic ‘NEO series’ are to be accelerated. “With the key account management established in the fourth quarter, together with Tederic we want to actively support our internationally active customers, most of whom are also market and technology leaders in their industry, beyond the borders of our sales territories. In November, for example, a leading global automotive supplier for innovative surfaces in vehicle interiors ordered several hydromechanical two-platen injection molding machines from NEO-H for the third time to equip its production plant in Eastern Europe,” says Schmidt.

The second generation of the Tederic ‘NEO series’, which was successfully launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the Fakuma, will also offer greater added value for plastics processors in 2024. “I am very pleased that, with our strong focus on the needs of local customers and our high level of technical expertise, we have successfully helped Tederic to realize this technology upgrade just two years after the global market launch of the ‘NEO series’. The second generation is convincing ‘from the inside out’ and is now technologically on a par with European manufacturers of injection moulding machines,” emphasizes Schmidt. The numerous benefits for plastics processing include higher clamping force sizes (up to 5,500 t), optimized tie-bar spacing, optimized platen dimensions for larger moulds, more combination options in terms of clamping unit/injection unit and improved machine control. PlastiVation plans to unveil a high-performance NEO-E 60 electric toggle injection molding machine at Kuteno 2024.

Tailwind as a respected market player in the plastics industry

Following the successful further development and on the basis of the sustainable course set in customer management, the company is looking to 2024 with confidence. Fakuma also showed that PlastiVation presented a convincing production solution for current market trends and customer requirements with the presentation of a complete production cell. In addition, there is the portfolio of large NEO-H and NEO-M machines, comprehensive and powerful service packages and the technical assistance systems ServiceNet and EasyNet, which offer application and service technicians advantages in terms of process reliability and production efficiency. “We notice a tailwind, even in what are certainly more difficult market conditions, and will continue to serve our customers and business partners with passion, enthusiasm and expertise in the coming year. I would like to thank my team for the incredibly high level of motivation, commitment and determination with which we have developed PlastiVation in its third year to become a respected market player in the plastics industry in the DACH region,” says Schmidt.

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