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Multiple foundations established and processes delineated

The Hurricane represents our proprietary series of injection molding machines. An innovation that creates value. Sustainably. We are diligently striving to achieve our ambitious objective of introducing them to the plastics market at K 2025.

This year has been dedicated to multiple foundational projects, encompassing:

  • creating a comprehensive requirements analysis
  • designing, evaluating, and selecting technical concepts
  • defining collaborations with suppliers and partners.

We achieved the creation of a precise product specification and a modular building block structure. Technical solutions were defined through various concept studies, and essential collaborations were initiated. Additionally, establishing and strengthening personal relationships and cooperation with Tederic’s engineers were crucial, as our colleagues in China are pivotal partners in development and industrialization.

As a development team, our involvement in implementing customized solutions on the Tederic ‘NEO series’ has provided us with valuable experience that we can now leverage for the Hurricane series.

Key achievements this year included:

  • Defining and integrating crucial systems, such as establishing a cloud-based CAD and PLM infrastructure and jointly introducing a new ECAD system.
  • Developing and testing an infrastructure for energy measurements and power quality.
  • Implementing digital products and assistance systems (including EasyNet, ServiceNet, Process Analyzer), which are pertinent for data acquisition and analysis,
    and therefore, applicable in the Hurricane series.

Anticipate an eventful and demanding 2024.

The coming year will be both exciting and challenging. It is poised to be the “year of the prototype,” emphasizing detailed design, rigorous testing, and process optimization. Team reinforcement and the expansion of the digital infrastructure will be priorities. Last but not least, the collaboration between Tederic and PlastiVation, particularly in the logistics domain, will be intensified.


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