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Directional Decisions in Control and Regulation Technology

The year 2024 presents both excitement and challenges in the evolution of our proprietary series of injection molding machines. It marks a pivotal “year of prototyping”. During a visit to our esteemed project partner, KEBA, situated in Linz, we reached crucial directional determinations concerning the control and regulation technology of the Hurricane.
KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH, a prominent technology firm specializing in automation solutions, has been an indispensable and dependable ally in steering the control aspects of our injection molding machines since the inception of our project. Their technical support systems, ServiceNet and EasyNet, bestow significant advantages upon application and service technicians in terms of information transparency and production efficiency. Following a cordial reception and an enlightening tour of their highly automated production facility, we delved into the tasks awaiting the Hurricane.

The crux of our discussions revolved around developmental aspects pertaining to control technology for highly dynamic drive axes and systems. We reached decisive conclusions regarding the trajectory of the Hurricane, particularly concerning control technology enhancements poised to furnish plastics processors with notable benefits in process reliability and production efficiency. In an exchange conducted on equal footing, we also shared perspectives on pertinent drive technology matters and explored value additions concerning energy efficiency and condition monitoring.

Our visit to KEBA underscored the paramount importance of fostering robust project partnerships and continuously fortifying them. Particularly in the dynamic landscape of industry, suppliers, and development collaborators play an instrumental role. They not only deliver top-tier components but also contribute invaluable knowledge and innovation. At KEBA, we witnessed firsthand the industry-specific excellence in terms of quality, process control, and digitalization, instilling in us a sense of stability and confidence as we forge ahead with the Hurricane’s development.

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