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PlastiVation Introduces Second-Generation Electric Injection Molding Machine at Kuteno

(Munich, February 22, 2024) Kuteno stands as the chosen venue for yet another significant event in the German industrial landscape. PlastiVation Machinery GmbH is set to unveil the debut of a second-generation injection molding machine from the esteemed Tederic ‘NEO series’, now in full production operation. This unveiling marks a pivotal moment as the high-performance NEO-E60/e110 electric toggle injection molding machine, in collaboration with CAVITY EYE, a leader in monitoring solutions, will demonstrate its capabilities by manufacturing a freezer bag clip at Kuteno (May 14 to 16, 2023 / Hall 5, Stand A1). Simultaneously, PlastiVation Machinery GmbH will showcase its innovative solutions tailored for high-quality logistics and packaging applications at IFAT in Munich.

Technologie-upgrade: second generation of Tederic ‘NEO Series’ elevating European standards

“We are pleased to announce our second German premiere at Kuteno. Following the successful debut at Fakuma, we are proud to showcase an operational injection molding machine from the second generation of the esteemed Tederic ‘NEO series’,” states Bengt Schmidt, the Founder and CEO of PlastiVation Machinery GmbH. The second generation of machines brings forth a multitude of benefits for plastics processors, including increased clamping force capacities of up to 5,500 t, optimized tie bar spacing, enhanced platen dimensions to accommodate larger molds, expanded combination options for clamping unit and injection unit, and advancements in machine control technology.”
During Kuteno, a high-performance NEO-E60/e110 electric toggle injection molding machine operates to produce polypropylene freezer bag clips within two cavities, boasting a clamping force of 60 t and a screw diameter of 25 mm. Each shot yields a weight of 9.6 grams, with a cycle time averaging around 25 seconds. Equipped with a KEBA machine control system and a 12-inch screen, the NEO-E60/e110 ensures precision and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. Collaborating with CAVITY EYE, the partner responsible for the 2-cavity mold, the machine showcases advanced process monitoring capabilities by tracking cavity pressure. This meticulous monitoring, facilitated by eight sensors embedded within the mold, enables real-time assessment even beyond the overflow of the film hinge, effectively reducing rejects and optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Economically viable investments and swift digital solutions

“The technological evolution of the Tederic ‘NEO series’ now positions it at parity with European counterparts. Particularly amid present challenges, this stands as an economically attractive investment for plastic processors, enabling efficient, high-standard production and heightened productivity,” Schmidt asserts confidently. The company anticipates continued traction for the Tederic ‘NEO series’ this year. Furthermore, the in-house developed digital quotation management system streamlines injection molding machine quotations within minutes, complemented by dedicated key account management catering to internationally operating clients, fostering cross-border support with Tederic. Notably, PlastiVation has swiftly onboarded two prominent automotive supply industry firms.

IFAT: potential for logistical packaging applications utilizing large-scale machinery

Simultaneously with Kuteno, PlastiVation will grace IFAT in Munich (May 13-17, Hall B3, Stand 128), spotlighting premium logistics and packaging solutions encompassing pallets, thick-walled covers for large containers, waste bins, and oversized fittings. “Utilizing environmentally friendly, recyclable materials with X-Shot® technology on the NEO-H series, we can efficiently produce robust, thick-walled products, with shot weights scaling up to 650 kg,” Schmidt elaborates.

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