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Productivity increase with economically attractive large machines from the Tederic ‘NEO series’.

(Munich, Hangzhou, April 3, 2023) Tederic Machinery will present at Chinaplas 2023 (Shenzhen (China), April 17-20, 2023, Hall 12, Booth C41) the NEO-H hydromechanical two-platen injection molding machine and the NEO-M multi-component injection molding machine, two high-performance large-scale machines of the economically attractive and reliable injection molding machine line ‘NEO series’. At the The innovativeOptiSure™ technology process will be used for the first time at NEO-H.. The Tederic ‘NEO series’ continues to see increasing popularity among German and European plastics processors.

From the Isar to the North Sea: Tederic ‘NEO series’ records increasing popularity

“We are pleased that the popularity of the Tederic ‘NEO series’ is increasing in Germany. From the Isar to now also the North Sea, plastics processors are using the economically attractive and reliable injection molding machines. Especially with the large machines NEO-H and NEO-M, which Tederic will present at Chinaplas and on which plastic products with up to seven components can be manufactured, plastics processors increase their productivity,” says Bengt Schmidt, founder and CEO of PlastiVation Machinery GmbH, who will be on site in Shenzhen for customer meetings.

NEO-H550b :Premiere of the new OptiSure™ technology process

At Chinaplas 2023, Tederic will present an innovative technology solution for optical applications. A multilayer thick-walled lens is produced on a NEO-H550b/e1100c e840c hydromechanical two-plate injection molding machine using the OptiSure™ process. With the premiere of the new and exclusively patented technology process, Tederic demonstrates a flexible multi-stage injection molding technology for stable and precise production processes with efficiency potentials of up to 30 percent. In the process, the NEO-H demonstrates its suitability as a reliable technology platform, for example for taillights and interior and exterior trim parts in automobiles. “Applications with shot weights of up to 650 kg are possible on the NEO-H series using X-Shot® technology. This enables new potential and novel products, especially in the production of plastic products in the construction industry as well as in logistical packaging,” emphasizes Schmidt, citing pallets, large containers and trash cans (logistical packaging) as well as extra-large fittings for the construction industry as examples.

NEO-M1120s: Multi-component injection molding machine awarded with‚Industry-Innovation-Award‘

Furthermore, Tederic will present the NEO-M1120s/i1900 i1900 multi-component injection molding machine, which has already received an ‘Industry Innovation Award’ in Asia. Injection compression molding (Coinsure™) is used to produce a high-gloss B-pillar for automotive applications with opposing injection units, a horizontal turning table and two electric injection units. The positioning accuracy of the tie bars of the NEO-M is up to ±0.01 mm, providing the user a high dimensional accuracy of the parts. The position and force of each tie bar is controlled independently. Reduced cavity pressure during stamping improves optical properties and meets stringent requirements for optical parts. Modern drive technology and the production of ready-to-install products on one machine reduce energy losses and manufacturing costs.


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