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The adventure ‘Hurricane’ begins

„Vision drives InnoVation. InnoVation drives Value. Value drives Success.“ With this motto, Bengt Schmidt, founder and CEO of the PlastiVation Machinery GmbH publicly kicks-off the development project ‘Hurricane’.

“Our vision is to make plastics production digital and electric with a unique business model. With an innovation that enables customers to manage their plastics production digitally, efficiently and intelligently. An innovation which we will generate a lot of wind in the future. Hence its name: Hurricane,” says Schmidt, explaining the ambitious goal of developing a new injection molding machine line. This will be the most powerful machine on the market for a specific application.

With Tederic Machinery Ltd., a development partner has been gained that focuses on the right performance features for various injection molding applications with its four injection molding machine lines of the Tederic ‘NEO series’: Flexible, functional and with easy operator guidance. All this at a reasonable price, stable and reliable. True to the motto: “smart injection”.

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