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Specialist in electrical equipment and safety of injection molding machines.

We welcome Martin Biberger, Lead Engineer Electrics and Machine Safety.

Martin is our specialist for electrical equipment of injection molding machines and machine safety. He has more than 23 years of engineering experience in the plastics and mechanical engineering industries.

From his point of view, a very good injection molding machine is characterized by maximum machine availability, the production of permanently high-quality components with consistently low tolerances, and predictable maintenance to avoid unplanned downtimes as far as possible. To ensure that a machine can be used successfully by customers in the long term, Martin already has the overall system in mind during development and always relies on perfect and respectful cooperation between all involved sectors.

For the development of a sustainably reliable injection molding machine according to modern standards, the electronics technician and state-certified electrical engineer builds on his experience in the development and design of plastics and special machines in the plastics industry, the rail industry and the automotive industry.

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